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Latest News (June 2022)

Hello Summer!

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Just like to share with you a book that I am currently reading – The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel Siegel and Tina Bryson. (Note: These recommendations have Amazon affiliate links. This means that when you make any qualifying purchases from these links, I will receive commissions at no extra cost to you.)

It is a book that is worth a read for parents and teachers. Though written for parents with young children, many of the principles outlined can be used for older children and even adults too. Read this book if you would like to know how to handle your children’s (and sometimes yours too!) emotions, tantrums, fears, etc.

Do add this book to your summer reading list. A blog post of this book is also available; do follow my blog.

And if you are looking for additional book recommendations, please go to my curated recommendations!

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